Genius Hour Project

Question 1:What position do i like?I like defense the best because it's fun.There are three other positions mittie,attack,and goalie.I like goalie the least.I like attack the 2nd least.I like attack 3rd least. The mitties run down the field and score.The attack work with the mitties to score in the lacrosse goal.

Question 2:How much do defense get paid in the MLL? They get paid 30,000 a year.The mitties get paid the same.The goalie gets paid the same.Also,the goalie gets paid 30,000.I love lacrosse!

Question 3:What are the most points ever scored in a lax game? The most points ever scored in a lacrosse game is 71.The most points i ever scored in a game is 20.The MLL stands for Major League Lacrosse.I play for the Jr Newnan Cougars.I will play jv newnan next year for defense.This concludes my project.

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