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Religion- In Mexico there is no official Religion. Mexico has all types of religions in the country. More than nine-tenths of Mexico's population is affiliated with Roman Catholicism. In Mexico there are thousands of catholic churches, convents, pilgrimage sites, and shrines. A lot of indigenous people practice syncretic religions, which is what they actually believe on in addition to the roman catholicism.

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Economy- The Mexican economy is one of the best ones in Latin America and has increased a lot since 1970. The Mexican Economy mostly depends on services, trade, transportation, finance, and government. Manufacturing is about one-fifth of Mexico's GDP, (gross domestic product). Almost one-fifth of Mexican workers are employed in the agricultural sector. Mexico's Economy was mostly controlled by state-owned and mixed-capital enterprises.

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Brief History- Its rumored that the first inhabitants of Middle America were early American Indians. The date on their arrival however, remains unknown. Archaeologists and linguists believe that early humans were in Mexico some 30,000 to 40,000 years ago. Mexico obtained its Independence September 16.

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Climate Region- Mexico has seven main climate regions. Mexico has two tropical climates, tropical wet, and tropical wet-and-dry. Two dry climates, arid (desert) climate, and semiarid (dry steppe). Three temperate zones, temperate with dry winter climates, humid subtropical, and Mediterranean climate. Most of Mexico's climate is the semi-arid type of climate.

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