5 Qualities of a Successful Real Estate Agent: Christie Cannon

Christie Cannon has been working at Keller Williams for over ten years, and in that time has met a number of successful real estate agents. Regardless of brokerage, below are 5 qualities common to successful real estate agents.

1. Knowledge of the area. A truly successful agent knows all of the available homes in his or her region, and is well versed on all aspects of the neighborhood,community, & market.

2. Determination. Christie Cannon and real estate agents like her have the determination necessary to close real estate deals, negotiate the best prices, and aggressively market properties to increase interest and get clients into homes.

3. Friendliness. A good real estate agent has to develop a rapport with his or her customers and be comfortable talking with them and spending time with them.

4. Integrity. A real estate agent must put clients’ needs first, and help clients find the best deal for them, period.

5. Attention to detail. The really good agents are the ones who recognize the small details that will most please their clients about each home, and the ones who can pick up on body language indicating whether or not a client likes a home. Often finding the right house is a lengthy process of discovery.

More qualities of successful real estate agents can be found online or simply by talking with a successful agent like Christie Cannon.

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