Skills & Characteristics

you need to work in the IT Industry

What technological knowledge might you need?

If you were an games designer, app designer or programmer you would need to be able to have the technological knowledge to understand how to use the advanced software.

What working procedures would you follow in an I.T Job?

You would follow all the rules and regulations that the shop or company have in order to maintain a job in technology.

What health and safety issues might you come across?

You might fall over,have eye sight problems,have a long desk and you might have a fire.

What interpersonal skills will you need?

You will need communication skills,social skills and group skills to be successful.

What planning skills will you need?

You will need to be organized meeting dead lines in order to be successful.

What creativity skills will you need?

You will need an imagination because you need to think of new kinds of ways to improve technology.

What attitudes will be proffered?

attitudes like: determination, hardworking, independent, leadership and self motivation will be preferred.

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