Varicose Veins Natural Treatment by experienced Nurse

Varicose veins appear dark blue, swollen and twisted under the skin. They cause heaviness, aching, burning, and pain in your legs. These symptoms get worse with if you stand or sit for long period of time. You may also experience itching over the vein and swelling of feet and ankle.

Christine Miller is an experienced registered nurse who has handled such cases for 15 years. One of her patient Sandy had developed intense pain due to varicose veins during her second pregnancy. Her doctor recommended vein stripping surgery. Just 7 months past the surgery the ugly varicose veins and agonizing pain were back and new varicose veins were popping out all over her legs.

When she was about to undergo another surgery she met Christine and explained her heartbreaking story. She had tried prescription pain medication for years before agreeing for surgery. The medication caused burning sensation in stomach and temporary pain relief. The expensive pain-relief creams help stop the pain for short durations. She had even tried all sorts of massages and physiotherapy exercises to help improve blood circulation. Because of caring for 2 young sons and husband she had no time left for anything.

Christine offered to help her with a secret Varicose Veins Natural Treatment, which she agreed to try.