Week in Review

January 20-23

We were PUMPED for the character trait assembly! Yoga followed as we kicked off the trait of initiative.

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Not much in the way of social media this week, but we were busy! A quick rundown...

-- We wrapped up chapter 5 in math this week, learning about prime and composite numbers, reviewing factors and multiples, then covering patterns in story problems. We'll take the unit test on Monday.

-- Reading saw us reading stories and finding the theme the author shared. We'll read a few more next week, then work on comparing the themes between stories. Students also met in smaller reading groups, and Miss Tompkins started taking that instruction over. :)

-- Spelling helped us see how the suffixes -er and -est were added to words, which should help with our spelling in all areas. The unit 22 test is Monday.

Spelling sorting based on adding suffixes.

-- Note taking is finished and drafting has begun on the Missouri Impact Project. Next week, students will write and record their pieces to share with others. We also worked on homophones this week - see below!

Homophone work this week!

The Parking Lot, daily class meetings and Students vs. Teachers - helping to make our classroom a friendlier, more easy-to-live-in place!

A new feature in our room and a way to address issues.
Students vs. teachers - a way to improve behavior

Noah! The Artist of the Month for January!

Sharing 3 personal items with Miss Tompkins

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