Indus Valley

The Indus Valley in 36 hours!

Come visit the Indus Valley. A valley full of people who are genuinly friendly, have little conflict and all live in a region that works as one. With the laid back lifestyle, the next 36 hours are sure to be a refreshing vacation.

Friday 8am

Agriculture: The key to life in Indus Valley

We will begin our tour experiencing the agricultural life that we live here, in Indus Valley. You will get a chance to see our ways of farming, the variety of products we grow, and our unique granaries where we store our products. You will also have a chance to do some farming of your own. You also will be able purchase your choice of products. The variety of products you will have a chance to see how they are grown,where they are stored, and purchase are wheat, barley, rice, sesame, dates, and cotton.

Friday 10am


Harappa is the first archaeological ruins of Indus civilization. Harappa was big city in the Indus valley. In Harappa, there were 2 million people who lived in there. It reveals how Harappa had big population.

Harappa was planned city with greatly structured house and wide street and drainage facility. harappans used same size burnt bricks for making houses and buildings. The houses which workers lived were gathered.

There was also kind of storage which can store goods and stuff. That goods and stuff were sold in market or other city.

Friday 2pm

Indus River Tour

This beautiful region is not only important to the agriculture of the Indus River Valley, but also important to the trade of different regions. Sit back, talk and relax while we travel from Harappa to Mohenjo-daro.

Saturday at 12pm


Mohenjo-daro is the best and representative city of Indus civilization.

Mohenjo-daro is also well-planned city with road which was dead straight like 90 degree.

And the city was divided into big two part. One is sacred region, the other is residence region. In the sacred region, there was a temple. Very interesting part of this region is that there were public bath. Residence region is made like go board.

Saturday 4pm

Community Bath

The first "pool" of its kind located in the city center of Mohenjo-daro. People from all over the region come here to participate in religious ceremonies. This two story "pool" has many features including a non-permiable floor.

Saturday: 5pm

Join us For a Religious Cermony

The last stop of our tour is our pool located in Mohenjo-daro. This pool is used our religious ceremonies. We the people of the Indus Valley are of Polytheistic religion. Here we worship many gods but in particular, The Mother Goddess, the mother of fertility. Here you will have a chance to relax and enjoy a calming religious ceremony to make a great finish to your 36 Hour Tour. Thank you for visiting Indus Valley we hope you enjoyed your time here and have a safe trip home.

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