The Backsnack Program

By Jonathan

Have you ever wondered how kids get there food on weekends. Well, im just about to tell you. How they get there food is a wonderful program called The BackSnack Program. It helps kids all around the world from really hard and painful starvation. One way that the BackSnack helps kids is that they never have gavin a kid one piece of bad food no junk food but they always give them healthy food like milk peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips ill this is all the food that the kids get each weekend. Milk boxes, juice boxes, canned meets,canned vegetables, hearty soup, Mac'n'Cheese,peanut butter or cheese crackers and a lot more that you can see.

Another thing that the BackSnack program dose that is that they do anything to get people food because they go all around the world to give people food.

This is a video that a school is having trobell learning in class because they don't have food for the children so the solution is to use the terrific backsnack program gave them food so all the kids will have food and will learn like other school.

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