Principles of the Declaration

Explain the ideas of unalienable rights and government by consent.

Unalienbale rights- What cannot be taken away or denied from a person

Government by consent- The people have a right to change what they don't approve of

Why does a just government need consent by the governed?

Because in order for it to be a fair decision, you need to ask the people that are going to be effected by this , so that they won't go against you.

Who is responsible for protecting or guaranteeing our unalienable rights?

The Government and The Bill of rights protect the rights of freedom.

Are the principles of unalienable rights and government by consent in the Declaration outdated, or are they still true today?

They are outdated, because if we had the right to freedom, speech, etc, then why are there people trying to take over us. And government by consent is also outdated, because event though in some situations we have the right to help vote on changing something, it is still up to the government to make the final change.

Do these principles matter to you? If so, how and why?

Not so much, because the way they are has been changed so many times over the years, that the original idea of it is no longer effective.

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