To earn the ActivInspire Amatuer badge, you must:

  • Learn the basics of ActivInspire by watching 5 ActivInspire videos posted below
  • Actively use ActivInspire with a minimum of 3 instructional flipcharts with students
  • Complete Badge Application Form listed below

Online Learning Information:

  • Introduction to ActivInspire
    • Opening a flipchart
    • Dashboard
    • What is a flipchart
    • Navigating the flipchart window
    • Saving
    • Open and close browser window and pinning
  • Tools & Activities
    • Annotation Tools
    • Clear Tool
    • Undo and Redo Tools
    • Fill Tool
    • Shape Tool
  • Management Tools
    • Text Tool
    • Reset Tool
    • Trashcan
    • Desktop Tools Overview
    • Object Edit Toolbar
  • Browsers
    • Page, Resource and Notes
  • Finding Flipcharts

Completion Requirements:

After learning the basic elements of ActivInspire listed above, please complete the following form to earn your ActivInspire Amateur Badge. Note: If you have previously completed training, you only need to complete the form to prove your expertise in using the basic ActivInspire tools.

Time to submit the
Completion Form