Crystal Cave was one of the best field trips ever. One of the cool things I learned was that there was a ocean a long time ago right where the cave is now and that the creatures that lived in the ocean died and turned into rocks a long time ago. Another one of the cool parts of Crystal Caves is when they told us the story of Charlie the caveman. He raced on the ocean and always lost until he invented a new thing to race with, when charlie finally got in the lead he took the turn to fast and crashed, and his boat went flying, his propeller started cutting everything and he hit his head so now if you look in the cave you will see the skull of Charlie. We also got to see bats in the room they called the ballroom, they called it the ballroom because it was so big and two geologist got married in the room. I loved this field trip and i hope I can go again with friends and family to learn more about the cave.

This is us panning for minerals.
This is on the ceiling of the cave. It is called goosebumps.
This is one of the bats in the cave.

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