Comparing Putu Dela Aspari's Life To Mine

Country- Indonesia

Name- Putu Dela Apsari

Age- 11 years old

Information- She lives with her parents, her younger sister, Komang, her dog, Blackie, and her other pets.

At 5:30 she wakes up for school and eats breakfast.

Later, at 7:20 her and her sister pray at the temple and then leave for school.

At 10:00 they are at school and she studies reading, writing, math and science

After school at 1:00pm her and her sister take a nap because its to hot to go outside.

She goes to her dance class at 2:00pm.

At 5:00 she goes to see her aunt, she crosses over the rice fields.

I wake up at 6:30 and start getting ready for school Then I eat breakfast.

At 10:00 I go to science class.

At 11:00 I eat lunch at school.

At 3:30 I get home from school.

At 5:00 I go outside and play with my nephew.

At 7:00 My mom, dad, sister, nephew, and I eat dinner.kath

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2 years ago

Excellent Cassie!