"Ashley River Creative Arts"

Teaching Through the Arts

Well, another year is done, and I believe that if I do not start documenting some of the events that I have been involved in, it is all going to go away, as fast as the 24 years of teaching have gone by.

First grade students making "Calacas" during "El Dia de Los Muertos"
Final act, fifth grade 2011-12
Third Grade students rehersing "Don Gato" a tale de vida y amor...
First grade, during the end of the year ballet performance
Third grade ballet class, end of the year performance
First grade awaits for their chance to perform during PTA night
Third grade Spanish students ready to participate in our declamation contest
Third grade ballet, using the song from "Mulan"
Senor, aqui esta su dinero...
Example of a summer courses for teachers
Second grade ballerinas
Fourth and fifth grade chamber music students
Papa y Mama, Pepito me pego...
First grader awaits for her turn to dance
Fifth graders, preparing for their solos