Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
February 9-13th

So much friendship and kindness had filled our classroom this week as the students spent the week discussing how to show compassion towards one another and what it takes to be a good friend. We read lots of books about friendship this week.


We are continuing to build on our heart words. Your child should be reviewing this throughout the week. Starting next week, I will be sending these home in their book bags for nightly practice. Please work with your child on these in a flashcard format. The students learned about postcards, when they are used, and how to write them. They even got to write a postcard to a classmate of their choice.


Since "Love is in the air", we spent part of the week using candy hearts and graphing the colors we had. We also used tally marks to count our hearts and different colors. Then, the students had to write to statements about their data. They did a fabulous job! We also worked with quicker ways to count to 100 and read a book called, "100 Hungry Ants" to help us see that counting by 10's is way quicker than counting by 1's or 5's. Please continue to practice counting by 1's and 5's with your children. Another concept we worked on was addition. We practiced valentine addition by rolling dice and adding them up. This continues to be a skill to focus on for third quarter.

Technology Project

This week, the students worked with Mrs. LaRonge on a technology project with writing and a program called Educreations. They all did a wonderful job and we are hoping to be able to share them with our parents soon. We will be doing another technology project later in the spring.


Please remember to read with your child every night. It is very apparent which children are reading at home and which are just bring the book bag back and forth. The books should be read multiple times so in our groups we can have a discussion after we have read it fluently. Thanks for your support in helping your child grow as a reader!


*There are conferences on Tuesday, February 17th.

*There will be no school on Friday, February 20th. Please plan accordingly for your child.