#hellothere My name is Aaron

I'm honestly a bit weird. I laugh a lot and do strange things. My college I hope to go to is A&M. I love to read and like books better than movies. And oh yeah, I'm Starlord.

I like to play video games a lot. I love the thrill of beating someone in something in virtual reality. When I lose I don't care much. It's just a game. When people get angry at losing I think, "What a loser". They think they're so good at everything and then they lose and lose their anger as well.

I don't really like all the new games. I personally like older games better. The games made now aren't made very well. You can tell by the quality if they worked on it for a while, or if they took only a few months to make it.

Back to other things, I like to think of myself as very social. I think I have a lot of friends and I hope they think I'm their friend. Hopefully I turn out alright, but you never know.

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