I liked everything for 48 hours

or tried to, then really didn’t like it at all.

It’s Monday Lunch time I’m at work and a read this article on wired by Mat Honan who decided to like everything he saw on facebook just to see what it did to his timeline, I have decided to do the same thing …….just because I can and it seems like a good idea!!! – we all know how those things turn out don’t we!!. This will be like a timeline piece, hopefully I will take notes as i do it.

So its 13:40 on Monday (this is the start point) I started liking every post I came across and immediately I noticed at the bottom of the articles Facebook showed me other things I might like:
CNN – meh!
The mirror – hell no!!!!
The Daily Mail – oh my god no!!!
ITV News – Meh!!

However as part of this experiment , I had to like them, but I needed to set some parameters as the article indicated it would just keep me going in a loop and i would never get out of it, I so decided as Mat Honan did in the article the first 4 things (whatever they were) I would like.

I continued liking posts etc until about 14:00 (give or take 5 mins to write this)

Weird thing just happened, there was an article from the independent showing the picture of a young lad holding up someone’s head that had been cut off, not this i was a little conflicted about, if i was to like this, was I saying I liked the article or was I saying I liked the fact a young child was holding the decapitated head? – which I will clarify I am not happy about, however for the experiment I liked it – If I believed in god I would as him for help!!

After a while it started throwing up (figuratively) other things it suggests I might like that I previously liked not 5 minutes before. – Come on FB you can do better than that.

It was only a matter of time before Huff Post showed its ugly head. and it did a lot quicker than I thought it would, the robots at FB are obviously working hard.

It also became very clear quickly even though the robots at FB were working quickly they were missing the point most of the time with the “other pages you might like” bit after each article, why would I like women’s Health??? – FB has access to a vast array of info it could quite easily work this one out surely?!!

Its 14:00 time to quit and do some work. 20 minutes of liking everything has already been enlightening and monotonous in equal amounts – at least there is balance.

Well that didn’t last long, its 15:18 and decided to abandon it, already had a call from someone saying stuff had turned up on their timeline and it would piss a lot of people off, and in all honesty what will this little experiment prove? That Facebook knows nothing/way to much about me? either way for very different reasons, its a bad thing. Either it knows nothing about me and will fill my timeline with crap (I should imagine this is the case) and posts from friends become few and far between and I still don’t know what’s going on in their lives, or it knows way to much about me and I’m not sure how comfortable I am about that. I know with all that is going on, and has gone on Facebook probably already knows a lot more about me than I would care to allow it to, but in this instance I think I prefer ignorance to that fact.