Soccer is so much fun to play. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you just want to go outside. Some people go outside and juggle or dribble. Made they practice their skills or pass with one of their sibling before they have to go to school


Some of the rules of soccer are if you get a yellow card that is kind of like a foul and a penalty it also is a warning. If you get two yellow cards that is = to a red. A red card means that the player how did that is disqualified from that game and the next one that you play. Another one of the rules is off sides. Off sides is when you are behind the last defender. And someone kicks the ball up to you and you are standing behind the defender. And you are really close to the goalie and you run on to that ball that would be the time that the referee would blow the wisely and say off sides or he/she will put up there hand and point to witch way it was going.


Some of the positions are striker, goalie, forward, center middle and defiance. A striker is when one of the players is playing up by the goalie and the defender. Next is the goalie. The goalie is the person how stands in the net and blocks all of the shots that go into the net. But sometimes the player how is trying to score the goal do a skill around the goalie and they get a point or they kick the ball right over the goalies head. Another position is forward as a forward you play up top with the striker but they aren’t always up top with the striker. Sometimes the forwards have to come back and help the defenders. The defenders stay back on the side of the filed that your team is on they stay close by your goalie. There is two more position left that is the center middle that is the person how stays close to the forwards but is close to the defenders at the same time. Those people how play in that position normally help out the defenders.


Some of the gear that you will need is your uniform. What do you think is so important about your uniform? The reason why you need your uniform is so that your chose/referees know what team you are on and what number you are. Another gear that you will need is shin guards. Shin guards are cushion on the side one and the other side of it has plastic. The cushion part is supposed to go on your shins. The plastic part goes on the outside to protect your shin. Don’t forget the socks! And the cleats those are the last things left on gear.So the socks are used for the referees to know what color you are that is what they call out your color on throw ins .are the 2 most important part about your uniform. You use the cleats to kick the ball without you tows getting hurt. Without cleats it would be hard to kick the ball up the field.


The referees are the most important part about scour the re arson why is because they help the players know witch team throws the ball in. or when they tell you it is a corner kick or a gout kick maybe even a penalty kick. Some referees are really young or really of and the flag people are normal age most of the referees are real nice or mean. But sometimes the couches get really mad a t the referees and don’t east to let their eanmoshrn blow but they sometimes have to let it out. Sometimes the players get mad at the referees and they don’t want to say god gob to the or maybe they do. But the main part about referees. Is to keep you safe and make the game fair.

The End