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History/School Symbols

New York University was established in 1832 in the east side of Manhattan that taught very small classes.

SAT/ACT Requirements

The sat/act requirements for NYU are:

SAT Composite: 1900 or above

SAT Critical Reading: 610 or above

SAT writing: 640 or above

SAT math: 630 or above

ACT writing:28 or higher

Student Life

At the NYU campus there is various aspects of student life to appreciate such as the arts section of their programs that include concert band, a film society, a literary magazine, musical ensembles and so much more.

Tuition Cost

The tuition depends on how many credits the student enrolled in multiplied by 1,354 dollars

Degree Plan

Program: BBA in Microbiology

Level: Undergraduate

Major: Microbiology

Required Credits: 128

Career information (Microbiology)

Mice oncology is an occupation dealing with all forms of life and their subcategories on a cellular and molecular level. The responsibilities of a microbiologist vary but most of the time include running tests on different types of macromolecules, doing research for independent companies, and studying a variety of cellular processes first hand. A microbiologist who has just entered the field will earn a mean salary of 39,000 a year, for the more experienced in the occupation, they will eat a mean sum of 116,000 dollars a year, all depending on years worked and the company that they are employed under. The demand for jobs like microbiology are fairly high in certain states inside of the U.S like California and Michigan with an average growth in the sector of microbiology being 65%

Microbiology Requirements

To become a microbiologist a high school diploma or equivalent like a GED must be obtained. The next step is to obtain a Bachelor's degree in the field of microbiology or other relating fields like molecular biology, and chemistry. After that a residency in a lab that lasts about 4 years is highly desirable to boost the manageability of the career.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I highly recommend Bryan A. Yu as a candidate for a lab tech assistant position. Bryan has the ability to communicate with people effectively and can handle technology very well. He is the first person to go to when help is needed. He is always there to help and will go out of his way to deal and solve a problem no matter how difficult it is.

Bryan has a superb memory and has a very creative mind which has enabled him to find new solutions to problems that have been presented to him. Bryan’s amazing ability to remember different events and ideas have allowed him to excel in all courses and subjects pertaining to science. He can comprehend many different aspects in science and is able to analyze information. Bryan has a high interest in science and is always wanting to learn new things. He has shown in the past that he can adapt very well in different environments and will be able to work under pressure. While in highschool, he has taken classes in Biomedical Sciences and biology, both in which he has exceeded tremendously. Bryan has worked hard to improve his knowledge of science and is determined to successful.

I have great respect for Bryan, he has the skill set and determination needed in order to complete the work bestowed upon him. I highly recommend that he acquire this position to ensure that all goals are accomplished and all work is done. If you need to discuss any information concerning Bryan A. Yu, please contact me at (915)-123-4567 or at


Eimy Torres

Biology department chair

AP IB Biology teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Teacher

Tel: (915)758-4825

Cover Letter

Torres, Eimy

FLA Laboratories

35 Street, Floor 104, 1010

June 15, 2015

Dear Eimy Torres,

I am applying for the position of a Lab Technician at the FLA Laboratories at the East Side center in New York City.

This job is one that I am pursuing because of my set of skills and attributes that can enable me to fulfill the position of this occupation. The career of a Laboratory Technician requires a somewhat adept knowledge in the field of microbiology as well as the ability to handle various pieces of technology and equipment all of which I am capable of handling. I am majoring in microbiology and will attain my Bachelor’s degree at the end of the month May. As well as that i have experience in the laboratory environment which will continue on this year of my academic career in New york University.  

Thank you for the time that you have taken to examine this letter and I will accept any decision you make on this matter.


Bryan Yu

Persuasive essay

    To pursue the career cluster of the arts and the sciences, more specifically Design and Microbiology it would be of great assistance if I am able to attend this university. Pursuing these fields is a task that has been quite difficult to me because, while I am very dedicated, I am also highly indecisive especially since my mind is still young and roaming through life is not exactly a menial task. With the aide of the campus' programs and resources, it gives me a higher opportunity of achieving these goals.

    Making a decision as to which college to attend after my high school academic career put me in a space that required a vast amount of pondering what is the best path for me to take. After careful thought I made the decision to pursue post primary schooling academic career in the pursuit of the two occupations that I deem compatible to me, NYU is a campus that has a variety of relieves available for students to access and will most definitely aide if I am accepted into this school.

    I can also provide, with the assistance of other students and executives, a more communal and positive environment for marginalized people who attend this university and need a safer, more inclusive space. There is also a problem that needs addressing in all campuses across the United States of America which is the growing rates of campus rape and sexual violence. To name yourself as a university of these standards you need to consider the safety of students and perform what is needed to keep the campus safe and to adequately handle cases of rape and sexual violence so that the victim gets safety and the perpetrator gets the consequences that they deserve.

     I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my document and will accept any decision that is made on your behalf. Even if I am not accepted it is still vital to keep the campus safe for marginalized people and victims of rape and sexual violence.


  "Bryan Alexander Yu

35 Street New York, New York 1010
T: (212)-571-6792 E: "

Objective I am pursuing a career in the field of Biology, specifically, a microbiologist lab technician in the company of FLA Laboratories in the East Side New York lab space.

Experience "Laboratory Assistant 5/15/2018-1/31/2019

The date of acquiring the position of a Laboratory Assistant at the Skin Laboratories lab space in the Lower West side of New York has lasted eight months. While I worked on my residency for earning my experience in this field, my requirements were to load the samples into the centrifuge, accomplish the gel electrophoresis tests in my complementary section, as well as assisting the lab director in various other tests.  

Microbiologic Department Assistant 2/15/2019-9/24/2021

At the campus I attended which was New York University, I worked as a department assistant for microbiology, aiding in the preparation of the lab, overseeing certain laboratory procedures, as well as working under the guise "

Education My educational background includes a 4 year primary schooling, and a current participation in secondary schooling.

Skills My skills include being able to operate different types of lab equipment like vats, centrifuges, buffer tables etc. I am organized and keep my station in optimal conditions at the university's lab as well as preparing samples for use in bulk.


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