College Exploration

Southern Methodist University


To be accepted into SMU you have to have a minimum of 4 years of English, 3 years of Math, 3 years of Social Science, 3 years of Science, and 2 years of a foreign language. Even though there is not minimum SAT or ACT scores to get accepted to this University, you have to be ranked in the first quartile of your graduating class and be very involved in extra-curricular activities. The deadline for fall admission is June 1st. The application fee is $60. You can contact admissions by calling (800)-323-0672 or (214)-768-2058 or by emailing them at

Academic Costs

The cost to attend SMU is about $48,190 a year, including tuition and fees. The cost for books and other supplies is about $16,650.


One scholarship opportunity I am interested in is the Robert H. Dedman scholarship. This scholarship provides full tuition for its recipients totaling over $160,000 over a four year period. The requirements that have to be met to receive this scholarship is the student has to be ranked in the top 10% of the graduating class, the student is expected to have a grade average of 90 or better, the student is expected to have two or more Advanced Placement courses completed or in progress, and the student is expected to have some involvement outside of the classroom-within the school and/or community. The deadline for the application is January 15th. You have to submit an application and go through an interviewing process to be chosen to receive this scholarship. You can contact the scholarship office by calling (214)-768-4308 or emailing

Finacial Aid

There are many types of financial aid available at SMU. There are loans, grants, student employment, and many scholarships. Some of the forms required are FAFSA and CSS. The deadline to apply is February 15th.

Housing Costs

The deadline to apply for on-campus housing is January 5th submitted with a $100 fee. The cost for on-campus housing is about $10,120. You can contact the housing office by calling (214)-768-2407 or emailing them at


The deadline to apply for student employment is April 1st. There are many types of jobs for students on campus such as office clerks, library clerks, dining hall and coffee shop help, research assistants for faculty members, website designers, intramurals referees, graders, lifeguards and more. You can contact the student employment office by calling (214)-768-3384 or emailing them at

Campus Visits

There are many visiting options like daily visits, weekend visits, group visits, mustang days, and SMU previews. You can schedule any of these visits online at and you can contact them by calling (214)-768-0496.

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