Letras, letras y más letras

Learn how to differentiate between V and B.
Due: right after fall break.
Mr. Luna

Hi folks! It is my pleasure to greet you again ;)

What do you need to accomplish?

1.- Watch this first video I posted for you to review what you learnt about letters "b" & "v" (Do not forget to take notes). You can also review your class notes ;)

2.- Use the website given underneath and spend 5 minutes (no more...) playing the game. Remember to use v to correct words and m to incorrect words.

3.- Watch the video below "Historia de Alberto y Blanca", take notes and answer the following questions:

- ¿Quién iba aburrido en el bus?

- ¿Cuál es el propósito del autor?

- ¿A qué público va dirigido este video?

- ¿Cuál es tu opinión acerca del video?

Let's review what you have done and what you still need to do:

1 You have review when to write "b" or "v" in Spanish watching the video of grammar rules.

2 You have played a game to learn words with b and v.

3 You have watched a second video about a story that helped you internalize when to write "b" and "v" and you have answered 4 questions about the second video.

4 Now it´s time to put everything together. Use the form I provide below to write your name (the Spanish, please) and your grade and class. Example: Curro, 9º grado/curso, Español 1, Bloque B. Your email (please, use your school's email) and write down your 4 answers to the second video. And last thing (but not least) you need to do is to write down your entry for your journal (4 things you learned + 4 personal connections).

Select one of these graphic organizers about the use of b or v in Spanish and write 5 sentences telling your teacher what did you learnt from it ;)