Antawan's Much Ado Retelling

Don John

Love Connections :

When Benedick ,Don Pedro ,  Claudio and I arrived at Messina , Benedick and Beatrice were arguing like little children making fun of each other , Embarrassing each other. I never seen such pity in my life .. such childish play . But i did catch my brother claudio eyes on the lovely Hero it seems to me that he wanted her .


At the party I made a plan to ruin my brother at the party , Thats all i wanna do to him , is to see him miserable . So my plan is to tell Claudio that Don Pedro is trying to woo hero and wants her all to himself. But I need a couple of people to back me on my plan so i can ruin him. So Later that night my plan did not work cause Don Pedro came up to claudio and presented him hero that he had his eyes feasted upon. So I had to come up with a different plan to come up with.

Benedict and Beatrice trick :

I heard that the boys was talking about beatrice liking benedick all sorts of ways & wanna do this and that and that and this , But I think that just nasty >.<.  I also heard the girls talking about benedick liking beatrice and wanna do stuff with her , But those two im not worried about its just all about Claudio .

Don John Ruins Hero :

So I came up with a brilliant scheme , I got Borachio to hook up with that common stale Margaret. So when I go get Claudio and Don Pedro I can make it seem like its Hero that's hooking up with Margaret , And I can finally see Claudio ruined , and miserable FOREVER !  Claudio now wants to publicly humiliate Hero in front of everyone , while I can just sit back and laugh.

Truth Comes Out :

They out that I was behind all this faulty scheme ! Arghh ! I tried to fled the city but they caught me before it was too late. But Claudio And Hero are together and found out that she wasnt dead .

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