The Gambia

A country in Africa.


The Gambia Flag

The Gambia Flag

Many Languages

The Gambia's main language is English. Most Gambians also speak many other languages. They are Mandinka, Wolof, or Fula. Mandinka is the most common.

Delicious Foods

There are a lot of different foods in The Gambia. One example is Beef Stew with Peanut Butter.

Beef Stew With Peanut Butter

A Brief Bit Of History

The Gambia used to be part of the African Empires. Some examples of those Empires are the Serahule Empire and the Mandinka Empire.

A Cool Place To Visit

A place I would visit is the Jinak Island. The Jinak Island is an island surrounded by a creek. It has many palm trees.

Jinak Island

Culture Fact

In The Gambia, only kids who aren't in school yet wear shorts. Kids who are in school have uniforms to wear.


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