How Are They Formed?

            Hurricanes are formed over warm ocean water. They happen when ocean water is warmed up over the summer months of the year. They typically form between 5 and 15 degrees north and south of the equator.

                 Hurricane Katrina

           Hurricane Katrina was one of the strongest storms to come through the United States. It came through the year  2004. There were 1,836 killed from this storm. There was a large amount of damage during this storm witch was 125 billion dollars worth of damage, and 81 billion property damage. People now days build stilts on the house so they don't get as much water in their house.

                  Hurricane Sandy

  1.      The hurricane began as a tropical wave in the Caribbean and quickly turned into a tropical storm in just 6 hours. It was upgraded to a hurricane on Oct. 24 when it reached 74 mph winds.The total death toll reached 285, including at least 125 deaths in the United States.

          How to Prepare for a Hurricane

           The most important thing someone can do to prepare for a hurricane is to start planning well before the tropical storm season. Or some people if they live by the coast will build stilts on their house. Another good way to prepare for a hurricane is to pack everyday items and put them in a safe spot. Battery operated items like flashlights weather radios are helpful to have handy during a hurricane because they will work if there is no power.  

This is the start of the hurricane

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