6ME.1.1. The decision making model

Step 1: state the situation
My sister spilled water on my laptop

Step 2: list my options
My options

.I could tell my mom- positive

I could hit my sister- negative

I could push my sister out my room- negitive

Step 3: weigh the possible outcomes
What could happen

If I told my mom my sister would get in trouble and I would not.

If I hit my sister I would get grounded and she would get in trouble to.

If I got my sister out of the room she would tell my mom and I would get in trouble.

Step 4: Consider Values

I believe that it is wrong to be mean to your sister because it was an accident. I would lose my video games which I value if I am mean to her. What I have learned before was right because I did get in trouble when I was mean to her.

Step 5: Make a decision and act it

I chose the decision to tell my mom and not hurt my sister.

Step 6: Evaluate your decision

My decision was the best decision because I did not get in trouble but instead I got my sister in trouble.

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