Haiti in the 1980's
By: Victoria Campos

The clarified history of Haiti

How Papa Doc ruled

The policy's of Haiti is so unfair that the citizens are protesting on the streets. Papa Doc was the ruler of Haiti at this time. The government was Dictator ship and Papa Doc was the ruler apart of the National Unity Party. Papa Doc was elected for president for six years but extended it to fourteen. During this time period between 20,000 and 50,000 Haitians are said to be murdered by Papa Docs government.

How Baby Doc ruled

Baby Doc was president of Haiti in 1971. He ruled after his father died. He is also part of the National Unity Party. He released some prisoners that were in prison when he started ruling. People flee from Haiti because they didn't like the way he ruled and thought the government was very unfair. He has been ruling for 43 years and started when he was only 19 till 63.  

Their polices and how they affected the citizens of Haiti

Papa Docs rule was based on a purged military this resulted in the murder of 30,000 people estimated and the exile of many more. This has affected Haiti's national religion. In Haiti Malnutrition and disease was endemic. Papa doc was accused of crimes against humanity, including torture, kidnappings, and extrajudicial executions during his 15 years as president. Many people in Haiti were afraid of Papa Doc. If they stood up to him they would get a very cruel punishment. Papa Doc believed in voodoo. Many people of Haiti didn't like the way that they ruled. People couldn't take his ruling anymore so they went and escaped from Haiti.

The events and conditions that affected people to leave Haiti

The citizens of Haiti were getting treated poorly in Haiti. So some decided to escape by going on a boat and going to America. Others had protests on the streets while others just dealt with Papa and Baby doc. No political oppression was required so the citizens had to believe what was told to them. Some of his policy's were murder and voodoo. All judges and officer were appointed by the ruler of Haiti. Lots of people didnt like how abusive he was to them.

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