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W.C. Handy

William Christopher Handy grew up in the state of Alabama. William wanted to get a guitar so he worked many months saving up the amount of money he would need. He finally had enough and went to the music store and he was so happy that he finally had a guitar that he showed it to his dad. His dad said ‘’ that’s the devils playing!’’ and told him to send it back for a dictionary william was upset that his father made him take it back but he thought one day he will get a guitar when he grows up. It did not matter because he still loved music and one day he will get guitar of his own.

Blues music is mostly know as sad, a optimism note or thought,follows a pattern, flattened notes,often used by jazz musicians. Handy is know as the father of blues because he was

the first person to write down and publish blues. Blues was originated in rural areas of the south in the early as the 1890’s.It took a definite form in 1910, when W.C. Handy greatly increased its popularity by publishing his first song ‘’Memphis Blues’’ in 1912 then ‘’St Louis Blues’ in 1914.

I love W.C. Handys music it was really good even if it was sad i still loved the music you should listen to it he made good music like “Memphis Blue” and “St Louis Blues” listen to both of them they are beautiful music even if it is sad i just love it you will love it if you listen to it im also glad he was the first jazz musician to make and become “The Father Of the blues” I especially love “Memphis Blues” and thats my opinion on W.C. Handy.

Carl Orff

  • born in Germany
  • Created Orff instruments for elementary music classrooms
  • His music school got bombed during world war II - Thankfully the school was closed
  • Composed during the Modern period
  • Founded a school that  focused on movement and music
  • Carmina Burana is his most famous compistiton

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