Apps to Enhance the Classroom

Sara McCaffrey

5 Apps that can help teachers in the classroom (with a focus on grades k-6)

1. iTunes U

This app is free and available for iPads, iPhones and iPod touch. This holds a bunch of information from a wide variety of subjects. It contains a large amount of free education content that can be valuable to people study several topics. This app is full of credible information that would be highly valuable for student learning. This app is suitable for all age groups.

This app could definitely be used in a classroom setting because the teacher can be sure the information the students are receiving is credible and comes from a reputable source. This can be used for students to research for projects and gain extra information that might not be available in a textbook.

2. Weird But True

This app is free and available for iPads and iPhones. It is based off the section in the National Geographic kids magazine. This app is used to show kids a bunch of different facts about countless topics. This app is suitable for ages 4+, but is best for children age 9-11.

This app could definitely have a use in the classroom. It is very bright and colorful and the children will be engaged. The facts as funny and weird, but still educational. I think that this could be used in free time or as a break from listening to the teacher as the kids will really enjoy it, but it is not centered around a specific topic.

3. The Human Body by Tinybop

This app costs $2.99 and is available for iPads and iPhones. This app shows the human body and all the parts that make it up. Kids can go into each different section of the body and learn about its specific uses and functions. This app is best suitable for kids age 6-8, but can be used by anyone 4+.

This app would be very useful in the classroom because sometimes pictures are the best way for children to learn, particularly in terms of the body. Most teachers are unable to draw a human heart in a way that is realistic and helpful in student learning. This app shows the students exactly what the body part looks like, where it sits in the body and then explains its functions.

4. Math Kid

This app is free and available for iPads and iPhones. This app has endless math equations that are available for practice. It makes use of pictures and real life examples to help students engage with the problems. There are also a variety of settings available for different age ranges. This game can be used for kids age 4-12.

This app could be very helpful in the classroom because it is useful for many different grades. This app could be used to challenge students or just for extra practice. I think that the way math is put into pictures and the examples that are given would be very engaging for students and help them to understand mathematical concepts.

5. Atlas 2013

This app is free and available for iPads and iPhones. This is an atlas on a computer. Viewers can look at maps on all seven continents. This app is good for anyone over the age of 4. This app is very good for quick reference or learning about different countries.

This app would be very helpful in the classroom because each student would be able to focus where they were interested in. This would allow students to explore the globe on their own and get a better understanding of the locations of continents, countries and cities. Teachers would be able to give the students a visual image of the places they are discussing in class with this app.

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