Hate Crime:

HMS: 6th Grade History

By:Jake Cummings

There is a few ways we can prevent Hate Crimes.

Ways adults can help...

  • One way is we can have motivational speeches at school to the students.
  • Set a good example by showing respect for others through actions, attitudes, and remarks.
  • Organize forums to examine possible sources of bigotry and hate violence in the community and brainstorm preventive actions.
  • Encourage law enforcement to collect hate crime statistics and make them available to the public.
  • Raise public awareness that bias-motivated incidents are crimes and should be reported to law enforcement.
  • Support training in identifying and responding to bias-motivated crime for police and sheriff's departments.
  • After getting approval from the investigating law enforcement agency, immediately clean up any bias-motivated graffiti. Paint a mural celebrating diversity in its place.
  • Work with schools, businesses, or community groups to sponsor poster or essay contests on "How Bias-related Crimes Hurt Our Community."
  • Offer support to a co-worker or neighbor who has been a victim of a bias-motivated crime.

Ways young people can help....

  • Start a conflict resolution program in their school.
  • Say hello to, and have a conversation with, someone who may appear different from them.
  • Reject all stereotypes.
  • Report incidents of discrimination or hate crimes to parents and teachers.
  • Start a peer education program - to teach bias awareness to younger children.
  • Organize a community-wide Day of Respect or Day of Dialog, in which all members in your community can share strategies to prevent hate crime.
  • Mentor a younger child. Use their creative talents-sing, -write, or paint to share positive anti-violence messages.
  • Start a school or town crime watch program.
  • Advocate violence prevention by writing to their local government representative and sharing their ideas.
  • Offer support to a classmate who has been a victim of a bias-motivated crime.

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