Mother: Princess

Father: Smudge

Siblings: Four unnamed kits

Foster Mother: Brindleface

Mate: Brightheart

Daughters: Whitewing and Ambermoon

Sons: Snowbush and Dewnose

Mentor: FireStar

Apprentices: Rainwhisker

Brightheart (unofficially)


Flametail (temporary)


Cherryfall (temporary)


Pelt: Cloudtail is a fluffy, thick, long-furred snowy-white Tom with blue eyes, and white, nettle sharp teeth.


Some time after the great battle, with the Dark Forest, Cloudtail and Brightheart's kits, Snowkit, Dewkit, and Amberkit, have become apprentices. Deep as their son, has been paired with Cloudtail's eldest daughter, Whitewing from his first litter. Their other son, Snowpaw has been paired with Snowpaw niece, from Whitewing, Ivypool and Amberpaw's mentor, Spiderleg. He is seen by the fresh-kill pile with his other Clanmates, Spiderleg and Cherryfall. After Bramblestar returns from  his visit to ShadowClan, Cloudtail asks how ShadowClan is doing after the Great Battle. Bramblestar answers by telling him that authough there is a lot of damage, their camp is almost back to normal. Later on he and Squrrielflight discuss who to take to the Gathering. Then Cloudtail is one of the cats suggested. On the way to the island where the gathering takes place Cloudtail's son, Snowpaw, falls into the lake, and Cloudtail bounds alongside Bramblestar in an attempt to get Snowpaw. Then scolds him to be more mature. Then later on when the camp floods he goes on a hunting patrol, and takes some weird water and reports it. Then Bramblestar says do not drink it for it has salt in it. Then Cloudtail is seen gaurding part of the tunnel entrance with Lionblaze on the other side.


-His Mate, Brightheart, respects his lack of belief in StarClan, even though she beloved in it

- Cherith thinks that Cloudtail will go to StarClan, although he would be very surprised

- Cloudtail never loved Daisy

- Kate thinks after the Dark Forest battle, Cloudtail would believe in StarClan because "it's difficult to deny something you've seen with your own eyes"

- Vicky later stated that he doesn't believe in StarClan

- Spiderpaw is incorrectly listed as Cloudtail's apprentice in Starlight

Other Family:

Foster-brother: Ashfur

Foster-Sister: Ferncloud

Grandfather: Jake

Grandmother: Nutmeg

Half-Grandmother: Quince

Half-Uncle: Scourge and Socks

Half-Aunt: Ruby

Granddaughters: Ivypool and Dovewing











"I don't care! I'm going to be the best warrior in the Clan. I'll fight any cat who says I'm not. I'll be brave enough to to kill outlaws like old Brokentail." -Cloudkit

"Whatever else he might do, Cloudpaw always keeps his word" -Ashpaw about Cloudpaw

"You're still beautiful to me. You'll always be" -Cloudtail comforting Lostface/Brightheart