The History Of Football

How football has changed over the years.

This is a helmet players wore when football first started.

This is a more advanced helmet made in 2015.

1920's-First Pro League, Hardened leather helmet, field judge added, and felt wool and leather pads.

1930's-Roughing the passer rule, facemask added, hashmarks added, and foam padded shoulder pads were used.

1940's-Plastic helmet used, hardened leather pads used, back judge added, and chinstraps were used.

1950's-padded plastic helmets added, single bar facemask added, fiber-shell shoulder pads added, and no-grasping facemask rule added.

1960's- astro-turf-ready cleats added, goal post moved to the back, and facemasks universally used.

1970's-unsportsmanlike conduct rule, unnecessary roughness rule, side judge added, plastic helmet and full facemask added, and plastic pads added.

1980's-Qb protection, Qb kneel down rule, no chop blocking, and the runner down rule was added.

1990's-tansparent face shields were allowed, intentional grounding rule was added, 2nd gen plastic pads, and no throwing down a passer rule was added.

2000's-horse collar rule was added, field turf was added, and you  couldn't touch the kicker or punter after or before they kicked the ball.

2010's- helmet to helmet contact was banned, runner's helmet rule was added, modern cleats were added, and the kickoff was made closer to increase touchbacks.

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2 years ago

In the first picture there is a helmet from when football first started, the second picture is a helmet during 2015.

2 years ago

In football the goalposts were are the front of the end zone but now they are at the back so players don't get hurt if they run into them