Team 7-3 Omaha Zoo Trip

Carlie Hartle - May 1st, 2014

                                                      Vertebrae investigation

Koi fish swim in schools, being very social fish.

Common name: Japanese Koi Fish                    Scientific name: Cyprinus carpio

Biome: Freshwater Pond                                 Home Range/Habitat: Japan in ponds

                                                                                                                     (mostly in captivity)

Fish Adaptations:                                                   Japanese Koi Fish adaptations:

1. Breathes with gills                                                    1. Grow fast

2. Paired Fins                                               2. Adapt to new living habitats quickly

3. Scales                                                                     3. Koi eat almost anything

4. Air bladder                                                        4. Koi's are a schooling fish

5. Lateral lines                                                     5. Different colors

This frog can produce a toxin through his skin as a defense.

Common name: Panamanian Golden Frog        Scientific name: Atelopus zeteki

Biome: Rain forest                        Home range/Habitat: Live in the forests of panama

Amphibian adaptations:                              Panamanian Golden frog adaptations:

1. Breathe through skin                                     1. produce a toxin through their skin

2. tongue attached to front of mouth             2. Territorial

3. Metamorphosis                                                3. Diurnal (awake in the day)

4. 3 chambered heart                                         4. Communicate using their feet

5. Breathe sometimes with lungs                     5. Males are smaller than females          

This chameleon uses camouflage as a defense for hiding from predators.

Common name: Panther chameleon                  scientific name: Furcifer pardalis

Biome: Tropical forest                  Home range/habitat: Tropical forest of Madagascar

Reptile adaptations:                                       Panther Chameleon adaptations:

1. Scales                                                                                1. Changes color to camouflage

2. breathe with lungs                                    2. Catches food like a frog does (with it's tongue)

3. Estivation and hibernation                                        3. Eyes can move separately

4. Cold blooded                                                                 4. Hard helmet like head protection

5. Lay eggs                                                                          5. prehensile tail

Greater roadrunners can run up to 15 miles an hour.

Common name: Greater roadrunner          Scientific name: Geococcyx californianus

Biome: Desert                                       Home range/habitat: Southwestern U.S deserts                                                                                                                       (native to North America)

Bird adaptations:                                                       Greater roadrunner adaptations:

1. Feathers                                                                      1. Runs 15 miles per hour

2. Lays eggs                                                                    2. Preys rattle snakes

3. Endothermic                                                             3. Stout legs

4. beaks                                                                          4. Long tail

5. adapted feet for type of bird                                 5. it reduces it's activity during midday

They have a thick coat to protect against the cold weather in their habitat.

Common name: Snow leopard  (endangered)                Scientific name: Uncia uncia

Biome: Mountains                                         Home range/habitat: Himalaya mountains

Mammal adaptations:                                             Snow leopard adaptations:

1. Hair/fur                                                                         1. colors blend into snow/rocks

2. Endothermic                                                                2. long thick tail for balance

3. 4 chambered heart                                                     3. Large snow shoe like paws

4. Specialized teeth                                                        4. Long hind legs for jumping

5. Nurse with milk                                                          5. Thick fur for warmth

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