Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

By: Adam Cable


-The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp is a terribble place.  They kill people. They many races that are there. Adolf Hitler started it all. That is the summary of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

10 Facts

1. The SS established this concentration camp.

2. There was 21 people at the beginning of 1937 to 11,100 at the beginning of 1945.

3. There was 1,345 jewish prisoners at the camp.

4. The health conditions were terrible.

5. The concentration camp was built in July 1936.

6. At the western perimeter there was workshops and other things that the prisoners would work in.

7. 200,000 people died throughout the years in this concentration camp.

8. There was watch towers that had snipers in them.

9.They were racist against jews, homosexuals, sinti. and roma.

10. They made people dig their own holes so they would shoot them then put them in it.


1936: When the camp started

October 1936: SS Major Karl Otto Koch replaces Lippert as camp commandant.

November 9, 1938: There was 30,000 jewish prisoners.

May 3, 1940: German authorities deport 1,200 Polish prisoners from the Pawiak prison in Warsaw to Sachsenhausen.

April 1940: A commission of SS doctors begins conducting a “selection” among the prisoners at Sachsenhausen.

June 1941: Camp authorities transport 269 prisoners whom SS doctors selected as unfit to work to the euthania killing center Sonnenstein to be gassed.

1942: SS Lieutenant Colonel Anton Kaindl replaces Loritz as camp commandant.

October 1942: Camp authorities select prisoners they deemed unfit to work and send them to the Dachau concentration camp.

April 22, 1945: Soviet forces liberate the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

Summer of 1945: The camp ended.

5 people that were involved

S.S.: They started the concentration Camp.

Adolf Hitler: He started the Holocaust.

Georg Elser: He was against nazism and what Adolf Hitler was doing.

Nazis: They forced the jews to go to the camp.

Jews: Were forced to be prisoners.


Georg Elser is the hero of it all. He stopped Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Thats the hero of this topic.

Why it's important

The Sachsenhausen concentration camp is important because it's a historical event. This was a terrible time. Adolf Hitler was a terrible person. He was against jews. It was the Holacaust. That is why my topic is important.


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