Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


The world's first telephone.
Alexander Graham Bell

The First telephone has really changed communication.People all over the world have used telephones to run businesses as well as create them.At&t was the world's first telephone company and it was founded in 1899.Ever since then phones have gotten more advanced and faster.Now there are all sorts of phones and phone companies.

The world's first automatic lbricator
Elijah Mccoy

Elijah Mccoy invented the world's first automatic lubricator. The automatic lubricator was a huge advancement in transportation.It helped train operators because  they no longer had to stop the train to manually lubricate the train axels.This made trains more time efficient.

The first typewriter
Christopher Latham Sholes

Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter.The typewriter made paperwork much easier and  more time efficient. This helped paper companies and legal business out because they wouldn't have to hand write everything anymore.

The lightbulb-

The Lightbulb
Thomas Alva Edison

The light bulb was a very important invention and is still used today. Thomas Alva Edison invented it and it was one of his most well known inventions still to this day.when he invented people did;t use it at first because they were afraid that it may burn down their houses.

The phonograph
Thomas Alva Edison

The gramaphone was like a modern day record player. It could play tunes like twinkle twinkle little star and others. It recorded songs on coils with studs. The coil rotated and the machine played the sounds. It was very popular and Thomas Edison was well known for this invention.

Josephine Cochrane

Josephine Cochrane invented the washing machine and it is still used today.It reduced the amount of time people spent washing dishes.Resteraunts used it as well as people with homes.People no longer had to wash them by hand.

The world's first hand held camera
George Eastman

George Eastman invented the first handheld camera.Handheld cameras are go to for many professions such as photography or news paper journalists. The no longer had to secure them and prepare the flash. It revolutionized picture taking.

Karl Benz invented the first gas powered car. Gas powered cars are still used today. They are used in competition such as racing or car shows. Cars have only gotten better since they were invented. Now we have semi trucks and buses and race cars. There are many types of gas powered cars.

The wright brothers

The first plane sped up transportation and the inventions of other types of travel by air. Ever since then people have been travelling by air. The first plane may not have been used to travel but it started the idea for travel by air. Even now people incorporate the Wright brother's ideas into present day planes.

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