Cars: Some Questions and Facts

Who invented the first modern car?

In 1886 a guy named Karl Benz made the first modern car. Karl Benz was a German engineer. He was born in November 25, 1844 and died in April 4, 1929. He also made the company Mercedes-Benz.

Where is the biggest car producing plant in America?

The biggest producing company is Ford in Claycomo, MO. Henry Ford is the founder of Ford. Ford makes around 2 million or more each year. They make Trucks, Sport cars, and Sedans. Henry Ford also created the assembly line.

What is the biggest selling car in america?

Millions of cars are made each day. Some are made more then others and bought more than others. This car is the Toyota Camry. More than 40,000 where sold in March of 2015. Cars make up a part of our lives and without manufacturing them we would be doomed.

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