Nollywood Movies – Facts That You Need To Know About These Entertainers

When it comes to entertainment, movie aficionados are never short of options. If they are a bit bored of the usual Hollywood action movies or sappy chick flicks, there are all kinds of exotic film industries today that they can try their luck with. And you will be surprised with the sheer level of cinematic excellence that these movies have to offer to an entertainment lover. Take Nollywood movies for instance – the creative brilliance that you can experience in these films is beyond anything you can ever imagine. If you are yet to take a dip into this cinematic magic, here are a few facts that will help you change your mind.

Nollywood movies belong to Nigerian cinema which is steadily growing in popularity all around the world. In fact, you will be surprised to know that this film industry is the second largest in the world, second to the Indian film industry and AHEAD of Hollywood from the US.

The name of this genre of movies stems from the popular terms that are used to define other similar industries. Nollywood signifies the Nigerian counterpart to the Indian Bollywood and the US Hollywood.

Nollywood is a US$250 million movie industry, with over 200 videos for the home video market every month. A movie in this genre usually operates on a budget of fifteen thousand dollars and the shooting time is less to – totalling up to a couple of weeks at most.

Nollywood movies have been a part of the entertainment world since the early 1960s but their popularity has reached phenomenal heights only in the recent times, especially since the oncoming digital age and affordable editing technologies.

Some movies sell as many as 50 thousand copies and up to a couple hundred thousand if it's a hit. The price of one disc is only 2 dollars; which makes it affordable for anyone

The first of Nollywood movies were created using traditional technology such as the analog video format. But in the recent times, almost all these films are produced with the help of digital filming technology.

Some films of this genre are quite popular indeed and you should definitely give these titles a try. The list includes Kingdom of Beauty (Part I and II), In the Name of Money, Foolish Lovers (Part I and II) and The Private Storm (Part I and II).

As discussed, Nollywood movie discs are quite cheap to buy and add to your collection. But if you want to save on that amount as well, there are many interesting websites that offer free streaming of these films. All you need is a computer, a high speed internet connection and a trustworthy website and you can enjoy this entertainment treat all you want!

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