Outsourcing opens the ways where there is no way

Intro: IT outsourcing is the practice of seeking resources outside of the organization for the whole or part of it. For the last few decades the concept of outsourcing, right from infrastructure to software is getting priority to ensure persistent thriving in business

The Factors to be considered regarding Outsourcing

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the various offshore locations that you should know prior to outsource. Some of the key factors that one should give prime importance are:

  • A detailed knowledge of the Price Quote of the offshore providers.
  • An elaboration information of education, technical expertise and professional experience of the labor force that will work for you on the project
  • A socioeconomic scenario of the country of the offshore service provider
  • A knowledge of economic stability and the other indicators of the country
  • An understanding of the political circumstances of the offshore providers
  • An understanding of business policies of the outsourcing country
  • Knowledge of the language of the offshore service providers
  • Inquiring about the strategic fitness of the business goal of the service providers

Which offshore country to choose?

Speaking from the past operational services, it is found that the Vietnamese IT skills can compete with other superior services across the world. As an outsourcing destination, Vietnam is now one of the reliable countries as each of the factors stated above is true to the country. Right from the price quote to strategic fitness, all are beneficial for the warm and welcoming business environment in Vietnam for IT outsourcing.

Who chose to outsource to Vietnam?

Many world renowned companies today prefer to outsource a lot of their IT work from Vietnam. Hantor office in Canada also positioned their IT team in Vietnam. With great affinity of business environment and highly skilled but cheaper Vietnamese labor, Hantor claims their business as success.