American Express's "Small Business Saturday" Campaign

Adam Kody and Isaac Lippe

American Express' Idea

The campaign was launched in order to get more small businesses to partner with American Express.  By doing this they get more money when someone makes a purchase at one of the small businesses.

American Express became a leader in the industry by being the first financial company to make finance "sexy".  Over time, Youtube, Foursquare, Twitter, and Fedex have joined in on the effort that American Express began.

Why People liked the idea and how it took to media

The campaign connected so well with people because 93% of consumers agree that it is important to support small businesses, so the common public was already thinking it.  It was also after Black Friday so people were already thinking about big vs. small business.

This campaign impacted future campaigns by encouraging many other corporations to grasp the idea and join in by helping however they could.  Twitter for example, provided free advertising for small businesses during the day.

The commercial was in a sense, very innovative, because it asked for people to advocate for a change which was unlike most other commercials before it.  The commercial also was unorthodox because instead of advertising their product or service, it called for a cultural change.


In conclusion, the American Express campaign was one of the best of the 21st Century because it capitalized on a widely held belief that small business is important, and therefor should be supported on Small Business Saturday. Video and photo at the bottom to represent our claims and thoughts!

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