My Family and Language

In my family, people came from different countries and spoke different languages, and lived around the world.

My grandmother (Ee-Aa ) was born in Mexico and  spoke Spanish. She went to an American school and she learned English.

My mom spoke Spanish and English when she was little. Now she usually speaks Spanish when she talks to her mom and her sister. She also lived in Germany and in Germany she had to learn to speak German.

My dad learned French in the army. He also learned Lingala for his work. They speak it in the Congo in Africa.

Alexi is my cousin. His mother is from Sri Lanka and spoke Singhalese.

Camden and I were born in South Korea and heard Korean when we were babies. We go to Tae Kwon do and we hear Korean words.

Say It Silly

When my mom was little she called her pacfier  "peta" for chupeta (sucker)  in Spanish.

When my dad was little he would call  aluminum foil tin foil. My Great grandmother, Grandmother (Ee-Aa), Mom, and Aunt had a secret language they used so people would not know what they were saying. It is called double Spanish and triple Spanish.

Language Changes

My dad's grandparents said supper for dinner and a couch was a davenport.

My great grandmother had to learn English in the USA. She spoke Mayan and Spanish when she was little.  Mayan is a native language from Mexico. These are some symbols and words in Mayan. People do not usually use Mayan words anymore.

New Words

Everybody in my family had to use new words like the internet and computers. They did not have cell phones, texting,  Google chrome, and Internet Explorer.  Many new words are  technology words. When people use their phones they use text speak.

Moving to New Places

My grandma met her husband in  America and  she was a translator. If she was not a translator she would not have met her husband here, and she would have married someone else and stayed in Mexico. Her family is still in Mexico.

When my mom and dad got married they  moved to Germany. They had to know how to speak German. They went to lessons. My mom was scared when she did not understand what they were saying. When she learned German she was not so scared.

Camden and I were born in South Korea. We heard Korean but we were babies. We learned English fast with my family.

What Did I Learn?

I learned that people can come from different countries. They all can make a family even if they don't start speaking the same language.

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