My Favorite Season

By:Lily Reeder

The time has finally come, the best season of the year! That season has all of the warm colors in the trees. The glowing colors of the leaves waving in the wind as they fall off the tree with a bright red, blazing orange, and a sunny yellow color.Whenever I walk outside I hear the leaves crunching under my feet, the wind blowing in my face as the sun starts to disappear behind the clouds and trees.

The greatest smell of all with Turkey, Pie, and mashed potatoes. And when all of the family members get together to celebrate the Thanksgiving feast. With hot chocolate in a mug nice and hot, waiting for you to drink it.

When I walk outside and smell the hay and pumpkin pie. With the juicy red apples about to be made into sider for us to drink. And the bright orange pumpkins ready to be made into jack-o-lanterns. When you walk outside you hear the wind blowing the leaves across the concrete with the leaves crunching under my feet when I walk.

It is a wonderful time to thank everyone for what they have done for us and to celebrate them with the thanksgiving feast. And that is all about my favorite season.

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