Creating A Caring Classroom

What elements do you have to have to have in order to create a caring classroom?

                                                             Positive Relationships

  • teachers need to learn their students names quickly so the students feel comfortable around the teacher
  • teachers need to get to know their students as a person, like do they play any sports, what clubs or organizations are they involved in? etc.
  • teachers should include lessons on topics such as friendship , teamwork skills, or handling difference of opinions


  • Teachers should receive respect from students and they should show respect to their students to be able to work in a good educational environment
  • Respect should be gained in the classroom by the teachers creating group projects or group assignments so that the students get to know each other
  • Respect is important for a classroom because it helps students feel comfortable to share their ideas with the whole classroom

                                                                   Student Involvement

  • One way to get students to be involved in what happens in the classroom is by asking them opinions on what they think about the classroom, that's how students get to feel like their opinion matters
  • They can also make the students help on classroom problems so they can show the teacher what would be a better way to improve classroom routines ex: when the teacher asks which way would we rather do a project? alone or with a group? that makes the student feel like their opinion matters and it lets the teacher know how the students like working best.
  • Another way to get students to be involved in the classroom is to ask them to help you decorate around the room or put up some of the classroom work the students have done

                                                                         Class Identity

Class Identity is feeling your whole classroom as a group, knowing what type of students you have and making them know each other as well. Knowing what type of language each student speaks and their religion so that your classroom is classified.

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