#EVO eTextbook for Teachers

Hello, fellow teachers and online publishers.

My name is Sylvia Guinan.

As one of the moderators helping you to reach your publishing goals for Shelly Terrell's Crafting The ePerfect Textbook initiative, it's time for me to share my 3-2-1 introduction with you before launching into the juicy details of elearning design in our vibrant Google community.

3 Things You should Know About Me


I'm an online teacher and teacher trainer who likes to simplify the complex.

I take you from Here.....

To here......


I have three main passions and goals in my life

a) To be a great mother to my four children.

b) To keep on writing...and reading....and writing.....

c) To bring out the best in myself and others.


Favourite Activities:

Allow me to sound like a broken record;)

My favourite activities are reading and writing.

However, there is a social twist on this:

I like reading and writing in social contexts. In the past, reading and writing were lonely, isolated activities. Now, with the world wide web we can create our own communities and networks of readers and writers, just like this #EVO writing initiative.

Also I can use technology to read and write with my kids and students.

Reading and writing epitomise the NEW sharing. These are the ways in which I follow my three ultimate passions listed above.

Speaking of social sharing, check out the social stream attached to this Tackk poster below.

This tool I chose to use for my 321 introduction, is of course, user-friendly, brain-friendly and socially-wild:))

See my links below in the social stream and feel free to comment and share below!!

Dream job if I weren't a teacher:

If I weren't in the field of education, I'd still be writing and teaching because it's in my nature.

However, I could also share my passions through art or psychology instead of English Language Teaching only.

I kind of sneak those elements into my work though - no harm in blending our passions;)

Comment Stream

2 years ago

This is a great presentation which I do appreciate a lot. Sharing is a magic word and you have been doing a lot of things online! Thanks from an Italian teacher and learner in EVO course 2016