Delt's Next Apparel Order Should Be Through Us!

University Tees focuses exclusively on the college market and offers a very easy, inexpensive way to order custom clothing and promotional products. We set ourselves apart from the competition because we make the whole order process MUCH easier - University Tees has really great relationships with our vendors, so I can guarantee you the lowest prices on anything from t-shirts to frat tanks to koozies to sunglasses or ping pong balls. For example, you get 10% off of your first two orders as a new customer! We also have an incredible team of artists that will custom-make you any design, either from scratch with just a vague description or from a full design you've already made somewhere else. Check out some designs that other Delt's across the country have used!

From the time you submit an artwork request, the artist will get the first proof back to you within the next business day, and once you approve it we can get the apparel to you in 7-10 business days, so it can be a pretty quick process if you're in a hurry.

About Your Campus Manager

My name is Christa Eduafo. I'm a sophomore studying Marketing, and a Chi Omega here at OSU! You can reach me anytime through e-mail and text, and I'm always here to answer any questions or provide a quote! Talk to me, I'm nice, I promise.

Phone: 937-269-5805