All saints day

Who celebrate all saints day

All saints day is celebrated by parts of the Western Christianity.

What people do on this day

On All Saints' Day, St. Basil of Caesarea in 397 A.D. invited all the Christians of the province of Pontus for a feast honoring the fallen.On all saints day people gather around saints graves to honor the saints who have passed, and they also have feast.People honor all the Saints who have passed away.

When All Saints is celebrated

All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st, on first sunday after pentecost in eastern christianity.

Where All Saints Day is celebrated

In many western churches it is annually held November 1 and in many eastern churches it is celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost.

Why do people celebrate all Saints Day

All Saints Day is a celebration of all christian saints. People also celebrate all saints day to honor all saints who have passed away.

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