How to find a part a whole and a percent by using equations

What you need to know.
Percent- a rate per 100.


In this lesson we will solve problems using equations. Now the first thing we have to do is read the problem carefully. Next identify what information is given. Next you have to identify what information is unknown. Use a variable to represent the unknown quality. Also "of" means multiply and "is" means equals. If your confused you will get it when we go through a problem. So first lets do one.                    Reminder

                                                                                       "of" = multiplication sign

                                                                                       "is" = equals sign

                                                                "What percent and What number"change it to a                                                                                                                 variable

Percent  a.   What percent of 30 is 12

n * 30 = 12

Whole b.  80% of what number is 40

0.80 * n = 40

Part c.   What number is 26% of 60

n = 0.26 * 60

Now lets do some problems as a class

1. 50 is what percent of 136

2. 64% of what number is 24

3. What number is 20% of 600

Know you know how to find a whole, a percent, and a part by using equations.

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