Guru Arjan Dev

pd.3 Fitzwater Tayla Smith


Born April 15, 1563 . He was the 5th guru. From 1581 - 1606.There are 2312 hymns from Guru Arjan Dev included in Guru Granth Sahib .The first Sikh Guru to be martyred. Guru Arjan Dev was imprisoned and martyred in 1606. Guru Arjan Dev was forced to sit on an iron plate and had hot sand was poured all over his body. Guru Arjan Dev sat there chanting hymns. He was killed because he refused to remove all the Islamic and Hindu references from the Holy book. His death changed Sikhism.


He gave his life for his religion. Also he laid the foundation of the Golden Temple. In addition he also designed the four doors in a place of worship. One of his beliefs was "My faith is for the people of all castes and all creeds from whichever direction they come and to whichever direction they bow." He came up with the idea that all Sikhs should donate one tenth of their earnings to some charity.Guru Arjan Dev created a book with all of the past gurus writings into a book. This is known as the the holy book today. He wrote the prayer of peace.


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