Analyzing the Cultural Revolution:
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Section 1. A New Stage of the Socialist Revolution


Mao is trying to get rid of the people's old customs, ideas, culture, and habits so that new public's opinion is created and supports only him. (criticizing the Capitalism)

Section 2. The Main Current and the Zigzags

The educated youth who lead the Cultural Revolution will face great resistance from the old society before they are able to succeed.

Section 3. Put Daring Above Everything Else and Boldly Arouse the Masses


(her interpretation) Mao's great movement gives insight into his failure to provide correct leadership and arouse the masses boldly to change the state of weakness and incompetence present in China.

Section 4: Let the Masses Educate Themselves in the Movement


People should embrace, not fear, the revolution of the masses and allow them to find what is right and what to believe in, as Mao has previously advised.

Section 5: Firmly Apply the Class Line of the Party


Mao wants to create a unified socialist country, but does so by "striking" out at anything modern or western, as well as burning old Confucian texts.

Section 6: Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People


CCP says to be reasonable when there's a debate, yet they caused a the education system to be violently overthrown because they don't agree with it.

Section 7: Be on Guard Against Those Who Brand the Revolutionary Masses as "Counter-revolutionaries"


There are counter-revolutionists who spread rumors, engage in agitation, and believe that they are above the law.

Section 9. Cultural Revolution Groups, Committees, Congresses


The communists believe that through the institution of culture committees and congresses, they will be able to rid China of its "old" ways while strengthening the party's connections with the masses.

Section 12. Policy Towards Scientists, Technicians...


Mao only wants to keep the scientists, technicians, and general staff workers who fit his strict criteria, and even then he still demands fundamental changes to be made with how they work and what they believe.

Section 13: Integration of Socialist Education Movement in City and Countryside


The Cultural Revolution has helped advance Socialist Education in certain areas and the integration process is specific to each region depending on the presence of Bourgeois Ideology.