Persuasive Writing


 Have you ever thought your school needed lockers? I have. I have a very strong opinion about this fact hopefully you do too.My school, Grant, needs lockers.

 We need lockers at Grant school. My first reason is that clothing keeps falling off hooks. Who cares if clothing keeps falling of the hooks? For example, people’s clothing could be stepped on and ruined. Also, people could lose their clothing. Last, but not least, it’s easier to put stuff in lockers without losing them.

 My next reason is that lockers are more organized. Who cares? If hooks aren’t organized problems could happen. First, it would be harder to find stuff. Also, it could save teachers time because instead of digging through a bunch of stuff she(or he) can just put it in your locker. Finally, students will not have to dig in other people’s stuff.

 My last and final reason is that lockers are more private. If stuff isn’t private people could look at other people’s test scores. People could steal other people’s stuff. Lastly, students could look at stuff people don’t want them to look at.

 You might be having some concerns about this idea. Hopefully this will answer your questions. So who exactly will put them in? We could hire professionals to do it or Mr. Terry could do it. Where are they going to fit in? First, we could put them where the hooks were. Second, we could put them outside the classrooms. Where will we get the dough (AKA money)? One thing we could do would be to have more fundraisers. Another thing we could do would be save more money. Lastly when are we going to put them in? They could do it on breaks and weekends.

 I really think we need lockers at Grant school! To help our school please donate or think of a fundraiser. Together we can raise money for lockers.


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