Centennial Break?

Some of my block mates are busy with their centennial celebration, and as usual as not a member of their organization. I used to spend my time at my house. doing some household chores, and that is once in a blue moon. And of course I'm so proud of myself because my parents tend to be more kind to me.

And I go to church every Sunday and Sang at video machine and yes that was so fun! 'cause some of my High school friend joined me.

Hmm. Sometimes, I felt boredom especially when the time comes that There are no more things to do. and people to talk with.

And yeah the only thing I can do is to listened songs such as Terrified, enchanted, and When you say nothing at all. Something like that. And No!! I'm not in love.

And last week we go at Quezon province before bagyong glenda, Fortunately we arrived at home before the typhoon comes. And we had so much fun there!