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We are Tackking our way to Rio2016

The Youngest Team Competing
For Top Brass On
The US Olympic Sailing Team

We are building this page to ask, to beg you to help us cover our training and travel expenses as the Teen Sailing Team of Katie and David work to win the US Olympic Trials and to represent the USA at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!

You can see all about us and our campaign online at, we know you just followed the link (please) so we won't duplicate all that here. But it is safe to say that we are the only team of teenage sailors that are training for the 2016 Olympic Games in the NACRA17, Mixed Multihull class. We are young, inspiring and work our backsides off each and every day to make this happen, but it all costs money...BIG MONEY.

  • Private coaches at this elite level are few and far between...and so they are expensive.
  • We have to rent the coach a motorboat to work from, pay his gas and expenses.
  • We workout at the US Sailing Team Training Center.
  • We have to maintain our boats and replace equipment that breaks down.
  • We have to compete in events in USA, Europe and Australia.
  • Obviously we have to train at the Olympic venue in Rio.

Two teenagers that are going to high school full time and training full time dont have a lot of time to schmooze in order to raise the money like all the ahem, more mature athletes we are competing against (not to mention we haven't been to college yet to take schmoozing 101.) So we are asking you to give a little to support our efforts, because it will mean a LOT when it comes to our training for the regatta of a lifetime in Rio de Janeiro.

By the way, do you know that the USA did not win any medals in the sport of sailing at the London Games ? How cool will it be when you help us to bring Gold home from Rio? If you help us make it there, we will even take a photo of YOU with the medals you help us win after we get back! How's that for a little motivation?

Whatever it takes, we are going to make it happen and we will be on the podium in 2016. Please help us...if you can? All it takes is for you to click that little donate button below. If you want to give more than $25 (you are an angel if you can), please call David at 216-210-3598. Gifts over $500 can be tax deductible through our partnership with the Sailing Foundation of New York (David can give you the details).

After you click that donate button just above, would you help us out a little bit more and click on the share buttons up at the top there and tell all of Facebook and Twitter to be kind? The buttons are under the "share tackk" button up at the top of the page.