My Sister, My Friend

My sister is also my best friend. We grew up together and we still do many things together. She has a sunny personality, as seen in her bright yellow room with pastel decorations. She is a petite little girl, as shown by her small-sized clothes neatly folded in her closet. She is organized and tidy, with toys neatly displayed on the window sill.

She is a sweet and thoughtful sister, as shown in her routine of making my sandwiches, and putting my shoes by the door. She is a cheerful girl who puts a smile on everyone's faces. Her laughter can be heard among her family and friends. She is also a smart girl, as shown by her report card of straight A's.

My sister loves her family, as expressed through her close bonds with our mom and our dog. She enjoys spending time with the family during weekends. She is a social girl, full of energy, as she plays with her friends at our house. She is caring and loving, as seen by the devotion of our dog to her. She enjoys taking care of other people. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful sister like her.